The Salon

Meraki Natural Hair is a full service salon catering to busy lives and fancy tastes. Enjoy our aromatherapy scents as your scalp is massaged and hair is shampooed. Kick off your shoes and put on a pair of our fuzzy socks as you grab a snack and find your favorite show, or music to enjoy as your hair is treated and styled with speed and gentle care. You'll leave with restored hair, energy, and know that for the next 2-4 weeks, hair won't be on your to-do list, While you're here, just relax. Welcome home.

The Team

Lauren D

Over 7 years of professional hair care, and natural hair health has always been my first and only focus. To me a style just holds, protects, and maintains our hard work. Hair has a language. I love the feel of different textures, witnessing the transformation as health improves, and treating different issues. I'm constantly learning about different hair and scalp issues and remedies, and look forward to helping those ready to make a change.

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