We know. This is what you want to know about. We offer a limited and intentional selection of services to keep us focused on healthy hair. Tap the buttons below to jump to the section you're here for.

Loose Natural Hair

Healthy scalps and hair are the only focus here. Sophisticated updos, defined curls, and strong locs of all sizes come naturally as a result. All styles aren't healthy or protective, so below are the services offered to compliment a healthy hair routine.


Loose Natural Hair

Basic Care - $65+

Two Strand Twists - $130+

Small Two Strand Twists - $150+

Wash N Go - $150

Cornrows - $85+

Braid/Twist Out - $85

Silk Press - $125

Flexi Rods - $115

Comb Coils - $100

Customizations and add-on treatments are additional cost

Flat Twist Updo - Big Chop 1 year ago!

Updos + More

 Simple signature swoop patterns to compliment your face and hair length or customized intricate patterns for extra "yes ma'ammm"

Starting at $95+

add-on treatments/extensions/services extra

Flat Twist Updo

Marley Twists

Our favorite extension style lasts 4-8 weeks-- and looks great the whole time (with proper care). Lightweight, easy to maintain, and 6 variations, it's easy to get addicted. 

Plus customizations and add-on treatments

Shoulder Length Marley Twists - $165

Full Length Marley Twists - $180

Large Marley Twists - $150

Jumbo Marley Twists - $130

Loc Care

You didn't spend all those hours/days watching YouTube videos, reading blogs, and scrolling entire Instagram pages absorbing all the education and photo examples you can on locs, to come and be told you can only get 1 type of part and 1 starting method.

Your locs speak for you without words. What do YOU want them to say? Your locs will be cultivated professionally based on the desires and aesthetics you express.


Starter Locs

Starter Loc - Virtual consultation

Large Starter Locs - $100 - 100 max

Medium Starter Locs - $130 - 100+ locs

Small Starter Locs - $250 - 140+ locs

Micro Locs - $350 - 200-400 locs

Loc Maintenance

Large Loc Retwist - $75 - 100locs-

Medium Retwist - $110 - 100-140

Small Retwist - $125 - 140+

Micro Loc Retwist - $185 - 200-400